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RaceTime - From Entry To Result. The solution to your sport timing requirements.

RaceTime is a sport time-keeping system of locally developed software and hardware, and top-class South African service for use at a great variety of sport and racing events. RaceTime has been doing business since 2010 and has been involved in numerous sport events ranging from trail runs, MTB, triathlons, duathlons, obstacle racing, sailing regattas through to off-road motorcycle racing! During this period RaceTime has grown by leaps and bounds. We will still continue to produce quick and accurate race results, at the best rates possible.

RaceTime's sport timing system was developed to assist race organizers of small to medium racing events to focus on planning an event without focusing on the time-keeping and the related administration. The system was designed by engineers with a keen interest in the outdoors, racing and problem-solving.

The RaceTime sport timing system is the answer to ensure undisputed live results at your event. RaceTime will always be the most cost-effective solution while delivering first prize at your race event.

The RaceTime system consists of two types of technology: a manual-electronic system using bar code scanners and technology which is earmarked for smaller races with limited budgetary requirements. The flagship system, an automatic-electronic system using paasive and active RFID-technology (chip timing or tag timing) is perfect for time-keeping at medium-sized multi-sport events. We specialize in the time-keeping of trail runs, MTB races, off-road multi-sport events as well as motor sport races. At RaceTime, your race results matter.

Be sure to contact us with your race timing requirements, and we'll assist you from entry to result.

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